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Engineering Services

Alpha Engineering Equipment & Services (AEES) is committed to safety that in any job, big or small, safety is considered first or "Safety First". It is the company's main concern to maintain the safety of every craftsman, properties and valuable assets. In the same manner, the company is also committed to preserve and maintain client's properties, assets and the safety of every personnel. In association with M/s. Rashid Al Mansoori (U.A.E) and M/s. Arudra Pvt Engineers (India), we are in a position to offer various Engineering and NDT services.

The following are the company’s major service activities:

Industrial Equipment Cleaning Services

AEES is well known among our clients for the safe and quality jobs. We undertake Pre-commissioning and Post operational chemical cleaning services of high pressure boilers, pipelines, heat exchangers etc. Services include Condenser Tube cleaning using specially designed bullets, mechanical decoking, foam cleaning of coolers & condensers, oil flushing. Services are undertaken by means of Hydrokinetics Technology, Hydro-jetting/ Hydro-blasting and Dry Ice blasting.

Industry Blasting, Coating and Mechanical Engineering Jobs

We provide High quality Blasting and Coating of Tanks, Piping and Structural Works. Re-tubing services; epoxy & glass flake coatings; thermal spray applications;In-Situ flange facing of equipments; rubber lagging of pulleys and rubber lining of pipes and tanks.

Specialized NDT Services

AEES also offers Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services such as Eddy current testing of Non Ferrous condenser/ heat exchanger tubes; helium leak detection; Acoustic Eye Ultra-fast Inspection of tubes; Aru-Fluorescent Leak Testing; Remote Field Eddy Current Testing (RFECT); Internal Rotary Inspection System (IRIS); Bore Scope Inspection; Low Frequency Electromagnetic Technique (LFET) and other NDT services.

In-House Fabrication and Repair

The jobs we have done underline our determination to complete the projects in time without compromise on the Safety and Quality. The Workshop & Fabrication yard in Mussafah, Industrial Area, Abu Dhabi, undertakes all kinds of in-house Repair of Valves, Pumps and Fabrication activities. Fabrication and erection of steel structures, ladders, staircases, platforms, handrails, storage tanks, steel moulds etc.

The fabrication yard is equipped with all the latest equipments to carryout specialized jobs including Rolling of steel plates and angles.